The 11th World Congress on Parasitic Plants
7 - 12 June 2011, Martina Franca, Italy

The Congress is now ended.

The Congress continued a long tradition of regularly assembling the world's experts on parasitic plants for professional and scientific meetings, which started in 1973 with the first international meeting in Malta.

The Congress brought together scientists representing a wide spectrum of disciplines, research approaches, and geographical representation of parasitic plant research. Assembling specialists with different perspectives, all focused around the common theme of plant parasitism, provided a stimulating environment for learning, exchanging ideas, and connecting with old and new colleagues.

Parasitic plants - both the weedy species that severely constrain agriculture and the many other non-weedy species - present unanswered questions with regard to their origin and evolution from non parasitic plants, population structures and dynamics, evolutionary pathways towards crop parasitism, ecology, physiology, molecular biology, and the structure, function and development of their haustoria.

The Congress included presentations at the cutting edge of parasitic plant research and management of parasitic weeds. A major emphasis in the Congress was the fostering of interaction among participants.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and Society, many thanks to all the attendees and collaborators that have contributed to the success of the Congress.